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Photo and video messages that disappear after a few seconds have been popularized by Snapchat, the mobile messaging app that reportedly spurned multibillion takeover offers from Facebook and Google last year.


This ephemeral format has been especially popular with teens and young adults who like to exchange silly or racy messages without fear they'll be

haunted by them later.


Now Apple is getting into the game. Audio and video messages within iOS 8 will automatically vanish within a few minutes (Apple didn't say how many) unless you adjust your settings.


"You don't want to have to clean these up. Audio and video messages can take up space," said Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing. "So they're set to self-destruct unless you choose to keep them."

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Privacy on the internet is important

You might not remember now, but just before Brexit kicked into gear and the Panama Papers landed, Iain Duncan Smith resigned as work and pensions secretary because the most vulnerable were being hit too hard by austerity. Let's go back to that for a moment.


It's not true to suggest we’re failing the disabled; we've not even tried in the first place. I’m choosing to write this piece from a position of anonymity. Among my peers, I'm considered the success story, with many a glittering accolade on my CV. I have walked and advised at the highest levels, associated with the most prestigious awards, have unique associates, am a regular in media circles, and have roles which come with the a lot of responsibility. I’m often reminded of the Michael J Fox film, The Secret of My Success – by night a high flyer, sitting at the top tables, by day, a mailroom worker who simply masquerades to earn his big break. This has become my tale, except that I can't even work in the mailroom.


We've come to define disability with basic iconography. The disabled parking symbol denotes what it's like to be adequately disabled. We have also created a near Victorian class system of deserving and underserving disabled. Disability hate rhetoric, as anyone with a disability will attest, has certainly risen over the last six years.

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It seems whether some like it or not, the UK is a Christian country.