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James Hubbard Comments on Julian Assange

Japan asks China to act responsibly

Japan's prime minister urged China to act as a "responsible" member of the international community Friday and raised concern over its expanding maritime activity in Asia, including in disputed waters where a ship collision ignited a bitter diplomatic feud.


Prime Minister Naoto Kan's comments came after three Japanese held by China for allegedly entering a restricted military zone returned home Friday -- a sign that tension between the two Asian giants was easing somewhat.


Still, Kan took a serious tone in his first major policy speech to parliament since surviving a leadership challenge last month, stressing the need for Japan to adopt a more "active" diplomacy and defense policy that can deal with "uncertainty and instability that exists in areas surrounding our country."

The splashy media world of 'round-the-clock disaster' does not lend itself to footage of people standing around and waiting. High speed chases, dramatic events, anything that lends itself to the phrase "caught on tape" – that's the stuff that gets eyeballs tuning in.


So what happens when two of the most wrenching stories of the year thus far have been the ones that have unfolded at an agonizingly

suspenseful pace? First, there was

the BP Gulf disaster, which kicked off

 with a fiery explosion in April, but

developed over the last several months

into an untelegenic saga of containment

and cleanup.


More recently, there's

 been the incredible story of 33 Chilean 

miners, who were trapped underground since  August 5 – The rescue was an anti-climax

compared to the daily anticipation of whether

they would emerge safely or not.

The cliff-hanger ending!

Slow moving events are seldom news

A jubilant Geert Wilders - the famously evocative 'Freedom Fighter for Freedom of Speech' - has been acquitted and cleared of all charges relating to inciting hatred, with what was seen to many Muslims as being anti-Islam protestations. His name has now been cleared by a A Dutch court who had ordered a retrial for the anti-Islam lawmaker whose remarks, included some equating Islam with fascism and violence and others calling for a ban on the Quran and a tax on Muslim headscarves.


His original trial saw Wilders accusing judges at the Amsterdam District Court of bias and called for their dismissal after they refused to recall a defense witness who wrote on a weblog that a member of an appeals panel directly involved in the case had improperly contacted him. A hastily convened substitute panel ruled that Wilders' objections were valid, which meant the trial that originally began in January had to restart from the beginning with new judges. Wilders welcomed that decision saying in an e-mail to The Associated Press, "This gives me a new chance on a new fair trial." "I am confident that I can only be acquitted because I have broken no law but spoke the truth and nothing but the truth and exercised my freedom of speech in an important public debate about the dangerous totalitarian ideology called Islam.The outspoken Dutch MP who now holds the balance of power in the Netherlands by lending parliamentary support to the minority government, and who last year released a film.

Has for decades stood as a stark symbol of conflict on war-divided Cyprus was briefly re-opened to the media on Tuesday ahead of the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21.


The din of passenger traffic has long been supplanted by the flutter of pigeons in the cavernous atrium of Nicosia's abandoned airport.


Shards of glass from shattered skylights and window panes litter the floors while a blanket of dust smothers departure lounge seats and passport control booths. Cafes, gift shops and offices stand empty.


Very few people have set foot inside since the airport shut down in 1974 when a coup by supporters of union with Greece prompted Turkey to invade and split the island into a breakaway Turkish-speaking north and an internationally recognized Greek-speaking south.

Abandoned major airport CYPRUS

Germany and France. Loggerheads over Gypsies.

Germany sought to downplay a diplomatic incident involving French President Nicolas Sarkozy as the debate over his campaign to clear out illegal migrant camps reverberated across the European Union.


Sarkozy's attempts to defend his nation's policy against international complaints that France is being racist and unfairly targeting Gypsies threw a European Union summit into an uproar.


Sarkozy then asserted to reporters that Chancellor Angela Merkel had told him that Germany was on the verge of similar action.


Merkel's office was quick to deny that she told Sarkozy anything of the kind, but refused to be drawn on what the chancellor thought of the situation or what might have been behind Sarkozy's comments.

Israeli Police move in to stop violence

Israeli police forces stormed a disputed Jerusalem holy site to stop Palestinian rioters from throwing stones at Jewish worshippers.


Police briefly moved onto the hilltop compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and took up positions.


The site is the most explosive in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in the past, even seemingly minor incidents, have ignited clashes and protests throughout the region.


Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says the stone throwers fled into the Al Aqsa Mosque, and after the situation quieted, riot forces pulled back.

Palestinian youths have been clashing with police throughout the day following the deadly shooting of a Palestinian man by an Israeli security guard.

Chavez in Parliamentary shock

CARACAS, Venezuela—Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez suffered a major political blow in congressional elections, losing the ability to pass new laws at will after opposition candidates banded together.


Mr. Chávez still enjoys a congressional majority after winning at least 95 of the 165 seats. But opposition candidates won at least 59 seats, enough to strip Mr. Chávez of a two-thirds majority—the threshold needed to pass sweeping legislation in the congress. More importantly, the opposition says it won 52% of the popular vote which will give them momentum going into the 2012 presidential elections. "We are the majority," said Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, an opposition director.


Aristóbulo Istúriz, campaign chief for the socialist PSUV party, declared the results a victory. "We went for two-thirds and weren't able to reach it," he said. "But we're the majority." But there was little joy at party headquarters, which shut its doors early as the vote count dragged on into the early hours of the morning.

NATO was formed as an alliance after world war two in 1949 to act to protect Europe from anything that could ever affect it's disharmony again to live in peace, to safeguard the freedom, common heretical and civilization, founded on the principles of Democracy, individual liberties and the rule of law.


Not not only because of what Hitler did, whether it the holocaust, or any nation within Europe, or outside Europe becoming a threat to it's security ever again. It was probablyy called the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance because it was drafted by the USA, Winston Churchill and others andwas signed in Washington DC by the nations involved. However, it was for many years merely a name only with little function. Just 26 Nations were originally became involved.


However, the Korean War galvanized the member states, and an integrated military structure was built up under the direction of two U.S. supreme commanders. The first NATO Secretary General, Lord Ismay, famously stated the organization's goal was "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down". Till then, doubts over the strength of the relationship between the European states and the United States ebbed and flowed, along with doubts over the credibility of the NATO defence against a prospective Soviet invasion. Korea was a long way from Libya, was was somehow regarded as a potential threat to Europe. As, in a way also does Libya, as some of the current Member States - 28 in all - actually face North Africa and have a major immigration and refugee problem as it is.

affiliated news

-Susan Dean-

British treasury chief George Osborne has vowed to help Ireland out of its financial rut if needed and says it is in "Britain's national interest" that Dublin overcomes its budget woes.


Osborne joined the finance ministers of the Eurozone who had already vowed to stabilize the banks at the center of Ireland's financial crisis and keep it from spreading to other fragile euro-linked economies.


Britain is not part of the 16-nation eurozone but is part of the wider 27-country EU.


Osbourne has since stated the UK will also direcly lend billions to Ireland separately - approx 7 Billion, because not only are they neighbours, but it's in Britain's National interests to keep what one can describe as the fourth largest trader going, let alone the strong banking connections. Monetary Affairs Commissioner, Olli Rehn called it "natural" that Britain would offer help because of the robust banking and financial ties between the two nations.


Since Osbourne made that statement, Ireland's Prime Minister has been pressed to stand down by many of his own party. Like Gordon Brown however, Mr Cowen has a stubborn streak and does not want to be ushered into the wings.


Despite the discontent, Cowen's Cabinet colleagues in the Fianna Fail party said they were confident the rebels have too few votes to pursue a no-confidence motion against Cowen.

North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery onto a populated South Korean island near their disputed western border, military officials said, setting buildings on fire and prompting South Korea to return fire and scramble fighter jets.


The skirmish came amid tension over North Korea's claim that it has a new uranium enrichment facility and just over a month after North Korean leader Kim Jong Il unveiled his youngest son Kim Jong Un as his heir apparent


South Korea's YTN television said two people were injured, several houses were on fire and shells were still falling on Yeonpyeong island. The station broadcast pictures of thick columns of black smoke rising from the island.


President Lee Myung-bak ordered officials to make sure that the firing wouldn't escalate. YTN said between 1,200 and 1,300 people live on the island, citing an island resident.


A South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff official said dozens of rounds of artillery landed on the island and in the sea. South Korea's military is on alert.

British Treasury comes to Ireland's rescue

North Korea strikes at South Korea killing four and in Cambodia 378 are killed  during festival stampede. It's all about the daily disaster BODYCOUNT....or?

Tensions between the two Koreas also remain tense after the sinking in March of a South Korean warship in which 46 sailors died. Seoul has blamed a North Korean torpedo, while Pyongyang has denied any responsibility.


Yet, over in Cambodia we have rescuers trawling a muddy river searching for bodies following a stampede by thousands of festival-goers that left at least 378 dead and hundreds injured.


It all began when a panic-stricken crowd -- celebrating the end of the rainy season on an island in a river -- tried to flee over a narrow bridge in the capital of Phnom Penh. Many people were crushed underfoot or fell over its sides into the water. Bodies were stacked upon bodies on the bridge as rescuers swarmed the area.


How could something so simple cause so much carnage - and yet such a devastating number of deaths has been almost swept under the carpet by the world's press, and yet the imminent friction between two great enemies,  North and South Korea holds their attention merely on what 'could' happen. Taking up vast news space with, as yet, little to no fatalities at all.


Is it the prospect of greater numbers dying that people are fearful of? An all out war in Korea again? With possible US involvement?


Nth Korea says it is ready for it and is Nuclear armed.

In light of the 25 USA Military Services blocking Troops and Air Crew from assessing WikiLinks. Something that one might expect from an Autocracy like North Korea or even China, but  to see the 'Land of the Free' show so little faith in the Judgement of their own Servicemen merely lends further suspicion to the possibility that America is frightened of what WikiLeaks might expose next - and have tried to exert political influence on Sweden and perhaps even the UK.


So far very little has come out of the Wiki-Leaks cables that could really damage the USA, so is it perhaps a touch of paranoia, or is it a matter of National Ego that their confidential cables could be exposed to the world so easily? Many questions go unanswered and Julian Assange has gathered support around the world for his belief that no matter what, the Freedom of the Press is paramount in any properly conducted Democracy!

It seemed strange that Julian Assange's bail was appealed against - whether instigated by Swedish authorities or by the UK's CPS. Clearly, it seemed a waste of time. No reasonable High Court Judge could overturn the original conditions imposed on last week.


Remember NAFTA, the trade deal loved by big business and Republicans - and opposed by Democratic constituencies like unions, environmentalists and consumer advocates? Clinton passed NAFTA with the votes of nearly 80 percent of GOP senators and almost 70 percent of House Republicans. 


Meanwhile, House Democrats opposed NAFTA by more than 3 to 2. More than a year ago, we said here. 'Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance" that Obama would follow Clinton's  lead in winning some of his biggest fights by allying with the GOP against his own base, is quite remarkable.

I recall when I was at University one of

my professors said, " You may all be Socialists and angry young people until

many of you are successful and Professionals pulling in more money than I will ever see and then you will go fromSocialism, or Communist sympathizers and moratoriums and protests to Capitalism in one very gigantic step.


Then you will have another, much bigger problem. With all the money you may and can earn, you will then be worrying how to hang on to it. That is even harder than making it. Many will look for secure investments, some of you may end up as Traders in the City of London and learn that banking offshore will be the only sure way of paying less tax. Thus, keeping the hard earned fortune you feel you deserved for your efforts. You will have choices and they will lie with you at the time."Sir Philip Green turned into an entrepreneur. A successful one. He controls a number of Retail chains and conglomerates with his wife, Tina, The Arcadia Group. He resides in Monaco, avoiding having to pay £285 M in Tax.


Although he employs over 45 thousand British People, he stands accused of Tax avoidance.

I love Monaco, so I can't say I would not choose his route, if I was ever that successful, because that is not going to happen. But, I doubt Sir Philip Green will give up his lifestyle or be forced to do it by protestors. The law is going to protect his interests, even if none of you agree with the way he has chosen to 'protect' what he has. Only legislation can do that. And, as the law is an asse, then....well, you choose how you judge the man.

    Philip Green gathers Moss, knowing Tax is not a taxing subject!


Bill Clinton with a glint in his eye and a silver voice to match his hair

- James Hubbard -

logo_benetton St.James-restaurant

When former President Clinton took the podium from President Obama in the White House briefing room to help shove the Obama-GOP tax deal down the throats of Democratic activists and Congress members, it was a stunning spectacle. It was a fitting spectacle too (carried live on CNN) since Bill Clinton paved the way in teaching how a Democratic president can win battles through the votes, not of his own party, but the Republicans.

wedding2sm wedding5perfect wedding10perfect

Royal Pomp and Pageantry unites the country and shows the 'non-believers' how it is done!

When it comes to putting on a staggeringly high quality show of mammoth proportions, look to the Royal Household.


Not only for the tremendous Pomp and Circumstance reminding everyone why they are British and if they are not, why they should be, but for the uniting of a Nation under such a 'normal' occasion as a Wedding that hits most of us in our lives once - or maybe twice if you're unlucky, more if you're foolish - but this is made ever so special because of what it represents, it's historical value and significance to us all.


Beaming out to a prospective two billion people around the Globe this impeccably timed saga, left nothing to chance, not even the weather.

One Million turned out to grace the London  streets with their flag waving presence, giving a surreal feeling of, deja vu. Yes, 30 years ago, give or take a couple of months to the day, a very similar event unfolded to the minions, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana hoisted themselves upon an ornate horse drawn carriage just as their son Prince William did, except by all accounts, the love he shares with his bride is real.


Back in 1981 it was also a spectacle to behold, but now of course we live in a very different era, 24 hr Global Television Networks most in High Definition.


Internet news beamed minute second to second with pictures and data so no-one misses out. From Twitters to Face-book, social messages gone crazy.


If one was looking for an event, then certainly look

no further than the Royal Wedding of the new Millenium.


While there has been those detractors, protestors and cynics wondering why on earth anyone should bother to watch, let alone celebrate, the union of a seemingly 'privileged' couple or of a family whose resplendent distinction which has often been sullied by adultery, divorce, disparaging innuendo and even video tapes highlighting a shady side, one has to agree, whenever they do  something, they do it well.


No-one puts on a better show. Even Hollywood would have to agree!

sportinglife queenobamamd

The Royals capture the moment yet again

Is it my imagination, or has the Royal household had a 'Right Royal Shakeup!' And starting, I might ad, at the very top.


The Queen, as lovely as she is, has been smiling from ear to ear all year long, even if one of her sons - the one fourth in line to the throne, with a mis-fit for an ex-wife - was rather wayward in his attemps to keep his own home fires burning. Not quite cricket at all, but then again, he may not even play the game.


However, whether the bad press has given The Establishment a 'bustle' on, one can only guess, but the reversal of form and absolute transformation from stade to sassy and suave that has been seeping out of the resolute walls of Buckingham Palace  these last few months is not only extraordinary, but positively

effective in it's infectious ability to be inspiring to all. The Royals  outshone even the gloomy weather during 'The Event' - and I am not talking aliens from outer space. Where the younger Royals gave the country, if not the Globe some joie de vivre.


The Queen's visit to Ireland recently, showed humility and a regalness becoming the stature of her esteemed years. The Irish, should not only feel proud that Britain's monarch shrugged off massive threats of mayhem and violence to tread on their turf, but be enraptured that she obviously cared so deeply about it's significance to want to do so.


Now, we see the warmth, yet again, billowing from beneath the trusted Royal hats for the Obama contingent. It is genuine, yet Regal. Part duty, but there's no denying the fact that there is a kin-ship. One can only suggest that it has been the carefree

nature of the Obamas and their ability to mingle with the top echelon in society and the poor alike with an awe inspiring effortlessness that has helped to make this happen.


Kate McCann said recently from the serialised pages of her book; Madeleine, that at one point she was the most hated person in Britain. The same can be said about Lindy Chamberlain, the Australian woman who was grossly accused and wrongly convicted for the disappearance and death of her baby Azaria in 1980 although she swore that the baby was taken by a dingo.


The Queen herself was criticised for her inability to show some personality and public tenderness over the horrific death of Princess Diana. The people and media were in earnest about their own desirous need for some guidance as to how to emotionally absorb her abrupt

departure from this life. We all know that everyone grieves and shows joy in their own way, however, we have all now become familiar to living life through everyone elses' 'rear window' - Big Brother has seen to that - and therefore, we expect emotions to be shared, out loud for all to see.


From the cold, hard glare of Kate McCann and Lindy Chamberlain over the tragic loss of a child, to the previous downward blank gaze of our much respected Queen, we now expect much more and she has delighted us with this renewed personable image.


The Royal family are known for their intelligent high spirits and jubilant self deprecation. We want to be part of this human element, it is endearing. Long may our Queen reign and long may this change of tact remain.

Queen Elizabeth warmly acknowledges President Obama's arrival at Buckingham Palace for the State Banquet.

- Anne Hunt -

GEERT WILDERS aquitted of inciting hatred - Amsterdam

Highlighting how Islam is the biggest threat to world peace, after being acquitted. He swears he will never stop voicing his opinion no matter what trouble he finds himself in.


Watch the ultimate machine

- Anne Hunt -

With the deadline for continued attacks on the Gaddafi  stronghold of Sirte looming after a ceasefire has been in place for the past week, and with the hope that the town - full of pro-Gaddafi supporters - will lay down their arms and surrender, their defiant leader continues to stand strong, giving orders and issuing threats from the wings.


Although anti-Gaddafi soldiers are still keen to get their man, leaving no doubt that all claims to Libya belong to the  Libyans  themselves there are still pockets of resistance with a split evolving between local communities and the pro-Gaddafi hardliners.  In two televised messages broadcasted on Syrian Arrai news channel, co-inciding with the 42nd anniversary of the massive coup that innitially brought Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to power. His hard line rhetoric warning his detractors that his troops would keep fighting to the end, so prepare for a long drawn out Guerrilla War. "Get ready to fight the occupation."

rebels3 rebels2 rebels

"Get ready for a long war imposed on us," Gaddafi ordered in his broadcast to the nation.


As well as Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte, anti-Gaddafi fighters are also prepared to lay claim to the towns of Sabha and Bani Walid, both of which have been subject to the very same deadline to surrender. All three towns are mostly under the control of forces loyal to the ousted leader and all are places where Gaddafi and his remaining sons could be hiding out in after fleeing from Tripoli.


If jubilation is anything to go by, from the scale of raptuous celebrations of Libyans who clambered through the streets of Tripoli, marking the toppling of their ousted tyrant for a leader - defacing any remaining memory that exists of Gaddafi's regime and looting anything of worth or with historical significance.


World leaders have agreed to keep up Nato attacks in support of anti-Gaddafi forces, with the hope that it will bring some finale to over six months worth of conflict that has seen much death and destruction.


Prime Minister David Cameron said the Nato operation would continue for "as long we are needed to protect civilian life".

LIBYA - A defiant Gaddafi calls upon his supporters to a Guerrilla War fight to the bitter end - as his own deadline looms.

- Sam Watts - 

It is one of those, 'Where were you' major events in time. A horrendous date in history that saw thousands of people die, not by accident, but by design. A design bred in the minds of disillusioned fanatics with tremendous hatred, set on destroying the life style and ideologies of others they resent, but secretly envy.


We all tuned into the news that morning and watched in saddened awe and disbelief at the death and destruction that was as real as reality TV could ever get. The lives lost and the heroics under-took. Such mass destruction on a mammoth scale. Could there ever be justice? Wars have been waged and not yet won as a form of 'Pay Back' for such an atrocity to the vibrant American cities and it's people.

91116 9113md 9115md

The 9/11 attacks came vividly to our screens. A series of four highly organised and motivated suicide attacks by Islamic extremists that began at 8.45 am EST hitting the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York city and the Pentagon to a devasting conclusion. Almost 3,000 people died during all four 9/11 attacks. These major iconic constructions, both in New York and Arlington that represents everything that America was founded on and targeted at peak times when offices would be full of workers for full effect and blood shed. The Twin Towers became a smoke induced fire ball and both towers collapsed within two hours of being struck. The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia was also hit causing mayhem. United Airlines Flight 93 with an intended target in Washington, DC saw it's passengers overwhelming the terrorists sending the plane crashing into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania instead.How do you respond to such devastation and degree of horror. America did what it does best in true Rambo style and launched the War on Terror by invading Afghanistan and Iraq in the hope of ridding

the world of the Taliban who supported Bin Laden and his al Qaeda followers. The group's leader Osama bin Laden shot immediately to number one on the World's Most Wanted List. Although many countries after the 9/11 attrocities strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and expanded their law enforcement powers, there have been similar attacks since, on much smaller scales perhaps, but still as devasting to the victims and their familes. It is ironic that ten years after the Twin Towers catastrophy Bin Laden was located and killed.


The National September 11 Memorial & Museum opened on September 11, 2011. A tremendously poignant time for all.

The Pictures we all woke up to on 9/11/2001  

The thing is, everyone wants to have a life these days when years ago parents basically sacrificed their living for another's existence. And, I guess, who can blame them. There is just so much on offer out there today, unlike yesteryear. Computers that connect people globally. The world is their oyster. They too want to indulge themselves in the act of social messaging - gossiping on a global scale instead of to the next door neighbour. They see a child as a hormonal necessity as long as he/she doesn't cramp their own style. So, pay them off by super indulgence, that will keep them happy and quiet - but it is not working and children are growing up disgruntled, disconnected and disenfranchised - in otherwords, UNHAPPY, with a feeling of being UNLOVED!


The energy and love once devoted parents imparted to their young included rearing their children on a staple diet of proper manners, education and character building through artistic pursuits, sports and a doctrin of 'trial and error.' It all doesn't help of course when you have government bodies as well as advertising companies that hits all your senses at once, almost forcing the consumer to buy, buy, buy otherwise it will hinder the growth of the economy or your child will never talk to you ever again!


Both parents are also working increased hours to afford the luxuries and necessities to keep up with the demand of life, this makes them too tired to get involved with a child's activities especially as parents too now think they deserve time to themselves. Materialism has swept the world to an alarming degree. We see it, we have to have it. Ever since Dallas and Dynasty hit our TV screens back in the 70's we knew it was only time. No more dreaming, reality was within our grasp. While European countries like Sweden and Spain came out on top, and still with a materialistic grasp on life, there was an ability to renounce the pull much more than their British counterparts. Even though Unicef's findings four years ago which showed a childs well-being in the UK as being at the bottom of a league of developed nations, nothing has changed, in fact, in many ways,it has gotten worse.


There is no discriminating either. Both middle class, and even down to the poorer class are having the same conflict. Buying the love of a child because society has put parents into this unenviable position where they feel, 'they are damned if they do, and damned if they don't!' Children themselves feel unsupported and while they have all the material goods money can buy, they are hungering for simple affection that can't be bought, borrowed or stolen.

Parents have always wanted to give their children everything they didn't have when they were young, innocent and still rather stupid, but they are forgetting to follow the golden rule - 'Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.' Not something to be taken literally, of course, but a firm 'no' or at least a good talking to would do both parent and child a world of good. So, why is it all so difficult, and why does  UNICEF think British parents have got it, 'oh so wrong' and their European  cousins have got it, 'oh so right?'


Firstly, the one thing that parents - going way back throughout the generations - did very well, and it is the thing that is now missing in Britain today, but is all so easy and involves alot of common sense - but true - time and energy, is to listen, talk and involve themselves with one's child, nurturing them into adulthood instead of indulging them into socially inadequate misfit status with the latest gadget or fashion label simply because their peer group and Reality TV show tells them to. Is it so difficult to be part of a teenager's life that you carried for nine months in the womb? Or is it the case of thinking that the hard part is done and dusted? British children are bringing themselves up these days and no wonder. They have it all laid out. Their own room, all well equipped with the latest 'stuff' - no need to even be part of the main family home. They have their own large screen TV, computer and game sole unit and if possible a compact refrigerator when one gets peckish. And, room enough to invite a few friends around when one gets bored. Mum and Dad are there to pay the bills and to see that one's stock of Coke and Crisps are refreshed and easy to get at. Communication around the family dinner table? There's no family dinner table!

Bringing up children seems pretty straight forward, and yet parents - who are at such pains to - 'do the right thing,' get it, 'oh so wrong!'  By seeing that their children don't go without and giving into their whims and tantrums just because it 'keeps the peace' and maintains that status quo in the household, goes against the grain of previous, staunch generations who would rise up in their graves in protest if they got wind of what was going on out there in 'Reality TV Land.'

The UK's Spoilt Children - yet

possibly the Worlds unhappiest

Why should this very natural state of being be so difficult and therefore, unrewarding to both parent and child?

- Anne Hunt -

- Sam Watts-

-Stacey Mead-

-Jan Mosse -

-Alan White-

-Anne Hunt-

- Anne Hunt -

stevejobsfrontpage1 stevejobsfrontpage2 stevejobsfrontpage3 stevejobsfrontpage4 stevejobsfrontpage6 stevejobsfrontpage7 stevejobsfrontpage8

It is no secret that this innovative steamroller of a person was a hard taskmaster, but by God did he not achieve his dreams and the ambitions for his company, APPLE Inc. Suffering from pancreatic cancer he carried on like the EverReady battery he was.


With an absolutely stunning portfolio of massive successes and failures - with equal measure - Jobs was a guy who didn't do things by halves. Described as an 'all or nothing' character, he obtained great achievements in his life because of share doggedness, tending towards obsession.


It was in the late 1970s, when only in his early 20's that Job's, together with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, found multi-million dollar success in the form of the Personal Computer. Making home computing a reality. The creation of the Apple I and II series along with the Macintosh. But with success comes failure and having lost a power struggle within the boardroom ranks at Apple in the 80's Jobs left and founded the ill-fated NeXT computing company in the hope that this would achieve bigger and better success.


This proved him wrong and software became the company's key component. After a long period of isolation, he bought the graphics division of Lucasfilms Ltd spinning off into Pixar Animation Studios  releasing Disney's Toy Story, the first feature length computer animated film. An instant success, making Jobs a billionaire.


The 1990's saw Jobs once again back with his Apple family and boy, with the inception of the genius IPad, IPod and IPhone no-one could ever say that he didn't bite off more than he could chew!

Apple's 'Rise, Fall and Rise' again is due to the abilities of one man

- STEVE JOBS - one could say: 'He was the APPLE of their eye!'

- STEVEN (STEVE) JOBS CEO of APPLE has died, aged 56. -

-Anne Hunt-

- Alan White -

- Alan White -

- Roger Alison -

- Ange Sing -

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