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Apnewseuro is a member of Affiliated Press International. A World Wide Web - non profit - funding Foundation who, has financially supported many print publications in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania over the years - in an attempt to keep Newspapers afloat in a world where cyber and electronic news has become popular. This website is a very brief sum-up of just a few of the articles that appear in various English Language newspapers throughout the Euro-Zone that our foundation contributes to financially.


Since the passing of the original sponsor, Affiliated Press

Euro-zone has become a co-operative of writers, authors and

 journalists who are mostly former staff members who contibute

voluntarily for the purpose of supporting the suvival of

Print Newspapers in parts of the EU.


 Our Euro-Zone offices are located in Paris, London, Rome,

and Geneva. Our Administration Office is in Los Angeles.


Contributors with outstanding, unusual, newsworthy and

unique items are welcome to contact us as we have

numerous part-time contributors - world-wide - who contribute

on a semi-regular or daily basis. You could be one of them.


Our former European Editor James Hubbard is now Affiliated Press Euro-zone's Editor in Chief and Managing Administrator.


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Since Affiliated Press International - a non-profit Foundation - moved beyond financing print Newspapers internationally and now  supports existing English language news publications. In 2009 we became a support system for many Newspaper Publications throughout the EU member countries - and while many newspapers are giving way to Cyber and TV News - which we are well aware is the future for news readers - we are still finding that many provincial newspaper outlets in France, Spain, Germany and the Scandinavian Countries are not losing as much newspaper readership as was expected - or forecasted by the experts.


While we believe this improving print readership is probably a short-term phenomena, since 2009 we have our own internet site here for those who wish to read the main daily on-line news.


However, we are not yet seeing the final death knell for Hard Copy Print Newspapers that so many pundits previously predicted.

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