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With the way the Economy is scaring us daily, if looking better and feeling better doesn't motivate you to drop a few pounds, perhaps cold hard cash is the incentive you need to revamp your diet and hit the treadmill? But can whittling your waistline really add some heft to your wallet?

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The relatively low number of intensive care beds in UK hospitals means it is poorly prepared for major disasters, a report in the Lancet says. Critical care experts say there may be as few as 3.5 intensive care beds per 100,000 people in the UK, compared with more than 24 per 100,000 in Germany.


As the ageing population grows, experts from Canada also said demand for intensive care was likely to rise.  


One figure suggests that by 2030, the incidence of acute lung injury will have risen 50%, driven by pneumonia cases in older people.  Currently, an intensive care bed costs the NHS about £1,500 a day, with Professor Mervyn Singer, from University College London, saying, "we are clearly in a worse position than most countries because there is no spare capacity."


"While it would be nice to have extra wards and staff ready in the event of a disaster, it is not a particularly pragmatic expectation. One has to have a 'make do and mend' approach in these circumstances."


It is clear that the UK is at the low end of ICU bed capacity, and thus would have decreased ability to cope with a large-scale disaster with many critically injured casualties left unattended.


   Botox - is it for the Good, the Bad or the Ugly? Definitely, not for the faint hearted

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The power of Advertising: Harmful, fraudulent & extremely deceptive, but do we actually care?

Advertising, we just can't live without it. It keeps us up to date and in focus as to what is in and what is out. Trendy, or, just last season. It is everywhere we look. In newspapers, on the internet, thrown at us via our mobile telephone, magazines are littered with glossy pictures, bill boards, we are seduced and even hooked. It is there, either hitting us straight between the eyes or subliminally. Could we live without it? We could, but do we truthfully want to?


Experts say our eyes actually get a craving to see flawless features, the perfectly formed physique and hippest of fashions. Bright colours cheer us up. Those beaming smiles gazing back from glossy covers make us dream of that perfect place and the perfect you.

So maybe it's not thrown at us at all? 'Give the people what they want.' But are we  being manipulated through our need and greed, the desire to have the latest and the best. Are these visual delights that have been transformed through digital enhancement tools before our very eyes, giving us a fair and balanced view of the world and the people we aspire to be? Or don't we really care, because the fantasy is all that matters.

There are about one million Americans presently using Botox and they spent an estimated $360 million on Botox injections in 2005. For 2007, people will spend an estimated $450 million on Botox!


But what exactly are all of these people injecting into their faces? It is one of the most toxic bacteria ever discovered. It's botulinum toxin A, derived from bacterium botulinum--the same bacteria that causes botulism, a poisonous illness that can lead to paralysis and even death. How It WorksWhen injected into the skin, Botox paralyzes the muscles, which evens out fine lines and wrinkles. It's no wonder people who use Botox look expressionless; their faces are literally paralyzed. The treatment is temporary, causing people to continually and addictively get Botox injections. There are no studies that demonstrate the long-term safety of such a vicious cycle.


Even if you can overlook the unknown safety issues associated with long-term use, there are direct dangers linked to having even just one injection. As people flock to Botox clinics throughout the United States, unlicensed, unsafe concentrations are making their way into the faces of unsuspecting consumers. We really do not know yet what effects such 'poison' has on the system.


World wide, everyone is doing it. In one's lunch break or even home Botox parties. The stigma is lifted, but publicly, everyone still denies having it done, even if it is truly evident that 'something' remarkable has been achieved, and we aren't just talking a good nights rest!

Nicole Kidman has always denied using Botox injections. "I am completely natural," she said in a recent magazine interview. "I have nothing in my face." I guess we have to be the judge.

Botox-Needles-Face-01 Botox-Needles-Face-03 Botox-Needles-Face-04 nicole KIdman

As she was: Nicole as a fresh faced 24-year-old, before she allegedly had Botox.


And as a 40 something.

"Nicole Kidman is looking stretched due to too many botox injections," according to a leading plastic surgeon.The sad truth is, whether it be vanity, keeping the years at bay

or as with Nicole Kidman and everyone like her who are bathed in the public eye, the need to maintain that image of fresh faced and youthful 'joie de vive.' While everyone changes around them, they cannot. The icons of the silver screen have to maintain an aura of time standing still. Whether it be through surgical enhancement, botox or something equally dramatic, someone is going to try it. It takes an objective mirror to say whether it was for the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly!

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Beauty and it's Biggest Secret - Is it really only Skin Deep?

We are what we eat!

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You would assume, that because we are essentially what we eat and drink, that Physicians would know everything there is to know when it comes to the nourishment of our bodies - what works and what doesn't and also taking into account food intolerances and possible malabsorptions. Your GP may retort, when pushed, that it is common sense - but is it common sense, and essentially, is it common sense to the physician?


It is not so much a question to your Physician that he WOULD know, but that he SHOULD know. Especially when you consider that most ailments, in one fashion or another are caused, by and large, from the things that we ingest and inhale. But physicians don't seem to even think in these terms. So why is this truly basic principle ignored?


Only 30% of medical schools in the U.S. require a separate nutrition course. On average, students received 23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction during medical school (range was 2 to 70 hours). Only 40 of the 126 medical schools require the 25 hour minimum recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.


Of course, would-be doctors take nutrition classes as a basic part of their med-school curriculum, right? Actually, no. According to various surveys, only somewhere between 30-40% of medical schools have a required nutrition course. So, at most, 40% percent of physicians have taken one. That is one

single course in nutrition, most often in their first year.


A New Study Finds Physicians’ Nutrition Education Lacking, American Dietetic Association Advises Consumers Seeking the Best Information: See a Registered Dietitian


A new study indicates that 60 percent of medical schools in the United States are not meeting minimum recommendations for their students’ nutritional education.


With obesity being a Western epidemic. Pre-packaged, processed foods the norm, poor dietary consumption has created diseases and brought on ailments that once did not exist 15 years ago. Symptoms for poor dietary health or malabsorption and intolerance can be devastating and life threatening and yet when a blood test comes back showing a clean bill of health, one is almost guided towards a Psychiatric chair for a mental evaluation.


More and more people are resorting to 'physician heal thyself' treatments because of the GP's lack of knowledge and empathy. Patients are pushed into going to see specialists who just want to do very expensive procedures, knowing full well that they are not necessary, but it is the easier of several options, when the problem, most of the time is looking everyone square in the face. DIET sensitivities. But no-one takes the time to properly evaluate because of a lack of dietary wisdom and care. It's called, thinking outside of the box. Sad, when in the end -

'We are what we eat.'

Is Exercise on the Rise or are we just

            fooling ourselves?

Obesity is a growing epidemic and currently affects more than 72 million adults in the United States, the UK is currently the FAT capital of Europe. Experts say losing

weight can add the vitality needed to make that extra cash. That has to make anyone feel better!


Well, it must have something to do with it as while some businesses in the USA struggle, this is not the case for many Fitness Clubs in the country with all-time high attendances. One presumes that the healthy motivation to kicking your financial woes could become a world wide fad - one hopes so.

We all wish that there was a miracle cream or pill that will wipe away those frown lines, deminish the smile indentations and just roll the clock back in time, sadly, it's not quite that simple.


Grantedly some creams on the market (and we are talking about some incredibly expensive ones) can soften and swell the skin to a degree, giving the applier a feeling of softness and complete well being. These benefits are accurate, but short lived however. The advantage to most is a confidence boost that outways the departure of cash from the wallet.


The Advertising slogans are relentless. Promising heaps and delivering...well, you be the judge. From creams, to pills, potions, health drinks. The Health and Beauty Industry is BIG BUSINESS. An industry driven by sexual instinct will always thrive

MEDIEVAL noblewomen swallowed arsenic and dabbed on bats' blood to improve their complexions; 18th-century Americans prized the warm urine of young boys to erase their freckles; Victorian ladies removed their ribs to give themselves a wasp waist. The desire to be beautiful is as old as civilisation, as is the pain that it can cause.


The pain has not stopped the passion from creating a $160 billion-a-year global industry, encompassing make-up, skin and hair care, fragrances, cosmetic surgery, health clubs and diet pills. Americans spend more each year on beauty than they do on education. Such spending is not mere vanity. Being pretty—or just not ugly—confers enormous genetic and social advantages. Attractive people (both men and women) are judged to be more intelligent and better in bed; they earn more, and they are more likely to marry.

The Big question is; should we as consumers believe all these promises, or just count on them being smooth scams. And, even if we think, this must be 'too good to be true,' will most of us try it outanyway in the hope it will at leastso SOMETHING.


Like that miracle wonder drug that removes a cancer tumour over night? In deed we will and the Health and Beauty Industry relies on it.


Some creams will deliver a minute portion of what is promised and this may be enough for some people, again, the Industry relies on this. While others just don't deliver at all OR as with cellulite eradication creams, becomes just so expensive to continue one wouldn't really know whether it could have finally delivered on all it's touting or not!


For all you know, the cons far outweigh the pros, thus using such product is not only pointless but also wasteful of time and money. Advantages are definitely easier to find out because manufacturers will make sure that it doesn't escape your notice.


However, when it comes to the cons, you need a little more digging. It takes a little effort and time but it's definitely worth it if you are keen on seeing desirable results on your skin.


Whatever the result of discoveries versus studies, trials and indepth investigations people will always be curious and try.However, the old adage still remains, 'If in doubt, do nothing.'

The Power of Advertising Seduction: Don't want to live with it, but can't live without it. It is everywhere we look. Seducing us to buy. Spend and think of today, as tomorrow will look after itself. Be up with the latest gadget or be left in the dark ages. Be hip, popular, trendy. Like the best looking girl or guy in College, it becomes your stamp of success.


Body conscious, clothes aware, is advertising and the products that it tries to hustle actually turning us all into sheep? Are we really suffering from over exposure and bombardment of what stuff we can have? And, is it all real anyway?


The advertising industry plays power games with our minds, even subliminally. And, everything we do these days has an advertisement attached. We want to play? We must watch the commercial first. Watch the movie, be side swiped with what we can buy before hand. And that model who never ages a day?

tv-advertising-sales-uk gucci

It was not so long ago when if you were an Actor appearing in an Advertisement your career was said to be on 'Death Row.' It was also acknowledged, that if you were appearing

 in a play or PERISH the thought, LAS VEGAS your film or television career was really in the

- 'Little Back Room' - and don't even contemplate a revival or come back.


But, the last 10 to 20 years has seen a dramatic swing change, a mellowing of theories, where thespian snobbery has gone out the back door, way past that 'Little Back Room' with a resounding THUD as the exorbitant paychecks for such 'desperate dealings' in Adverts and Las Vegas shows prove that it isn't such a 'desperate deal' afterall, in fact, you would be

almighty insane not to take the deal - running all the way to the bank with the check, before the ink even drys - and before 'SOMEONE,' changes their mind.


In 2006 Nicole Kidman - while at the time was the highest paid Hollywood actress and in great demand - was reportedly paid $5million dollars for four days work shooting a perfume commercial for Chanel No. 5. The Advert cost a wapping $12 million to make - a miniature movie in itself. Now we find our own stellar Englishman, Hugh Laurie also joining the ranks of the 'smiley' salesman cum advocator of a brand that 'he trusts.' He joins Cheryl Cole, Beyoncé, Rachel Weisz, Gerard Butler and Patrick Dempsey as the NEW face of L'Oréal.


Even Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow strips off for a Vanity Fair photo shoot, posing topless while wearing nothing but fishnets and Louis Vuitton jewellery. But hey, it's all for the ART!

Actors find time between takes to make some extra dough...

'Because they're so worth it!'


Advertising and that, 'Oh so right' copyrighting grabber is BIG business and worth billions of dollars a year. Whether it be beauty or diet secrets, women, more so than men, are taken in by the visuals and the promises of instant youth, health and success. And, the 'once bitten, twice shy' principle, doesn't work here either, because all women do is say to themselves, 'if at first it don't suceed then try, try again!

From old to young in the blink of an eye - this is what we are told. All it takes is a bit of time and just a 'little bit' of very expensive cream and perhaps a potion or two.


Why do we all fall for it, time and time again. Or, is it because we are just simply hoping. 'Buy the cream and look twenty years younger. Pop the pill and the unwanted pounds will just slip miraculously away.


Wear the scent and the girl will come running. Have the latest fashion accessory and you'll be an instant success.


These are all tried and tested advertising stunts and they always work, cause we fall for it everytime. Hook, line and sinker!

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