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The ongoing drama continues in Egypt, no matter what, the military are still in control.


The so-called radical Islamic candidate Mohammed Morsi may have won the presidential office for the 'Islamic Brotherhood,`but so far, it's a

hollow election victory! The Egyptian military has granted itself sweeping powers and mostly - without a constitution in existence - has

stripped the presidential office of power. This of course is another major blow to the possibility of true democracy in Egypt. What the

Egyptian generals did prior to the election of Morsi  was to pull off a coup to ensure that radical Islam has no real power. Temporary?

No one really knows.


The Egyptian military is NOT about to give up its power so easily! Whether it is power hungry or not, considering it's been in power so

long, or whether they feel the election went the wrong way and that the 'Brotherhood of Islam' may turn Egypt into an Iran style, hard-line

Islamic state, is totally a matter for conjecture.


No one is telling Correspondents the real facts. We wallow in total guess work and 'Crystal Ball Annie' from the Clacton-On-Sea local

chapter of psychics anonymous could tell you more than any journalist on the spot. Which is why I headed out last week and galloped

off for the more predicatable Royal Ascot meeting.


The power grab leaves newly elected President Morsi currently a mere figurehead. The military may well

continue to hold  authority over

making laws and developing a new constitution for the country. Perhaps until a new Pharaoh arises from the great unwashed

hordes that abound  parts of the Nile and scares the living daylights out of power hungry miscreants by resurrecting hordes of entombed

Mummies into an army.


God only knows and as he hardly never consults with Allah on these matters. Your guess is better than a Vatican full of nuns on bended

knee looking towards the darkening skies.


It seems the 'Arab Spring has worked out better than some expected, especially in Egypt. The military has held power since they

first installed Nasser as President and ousted the old Egyptian King and they’ve installed every leader since that era. So, if you think

they are going to surrender power in the name of something like freedom and democracy?  Well, Pigs may fly in the Movies but in

the middle East, only power and control has wings.


Are things much better in Tunisia or Algeria? And, in Libya? Total chaos now reigns there since we gave it to the close relations

of the 'Brothers of al Qaeda.' Oh, yes. Democracy is certainly working out well in the Middle East. Assad can stamp that with a

letter of knowledgeable authority. Saudi Arabia and Iran will probably endorse it with a gold seal. They are, after all, still all autocracies.


As for Iraq, 'the Grand Master of Chaos and Despair' where religious faction bombings are more prevalent now than when

Saddam the notorious bully had a strong, but evil bloody hold. It makes one think that in some parts of the world autocracy

actually gives people a better and more secure life. At least the citizens get a hint of when to duck.


If you don't believe me, ask the ghost of Tito, a cadaver which has spun so fast in his coffin as to what happened to the Balkan

states after his demise, that neither heaven nor hell will accept him into their portals for fear of his wrath.


I'm giving up the ghost - for the moment - and returning to the west...let Ascot lay out the Golden carpet. Even our current form

of 'Big Brother Democracy' leaves Ali Baba-ville for dead.

Was Cleopatra really so bad- after all?

-Anne Hunt-  From the land of the Pharohs

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A new long-range missile for Russia’s formidable S-400 air defense system will soon enter service, chief-of-staff of Russia’s Air and Missile Defense Command Maj. Gen. Andrei Demin said last week.


“A long-range missile for S-400 has passed all trials and will soon be delivered to air defense units,” Demin told RIA Novosti without specifying the model.


According to experts, it could be the 40N6 variant, which has an active radar homing head and is capable of destroying airborne targets at ranges of up to 400 kilometers (250 miles).

Unless some readers have been living with a remote tribe of headhunters in Papua New Guinea and relying on the 'Cargo Cult Syndrome' to drop them news every 50 years or so, the cold war between the west and Russia is well and truly over.


However, we could hasten to say, that certain tensions still exist. To deny that would be as naive as thinking that because the Queen shook hands with Martin McGuinness there will never be sectarian conflict in Ulster ever again. So, why are the Russians always telling us what they are doing with weaponry? Ego stuff, 'be wary of our capability' rhetoric, 'just in case?'  Your opinion is as good as mine, but we all know there are many kinds of sabre rattling, but to the uninitiated, this all means a lot to Russia's armed forces.


Russia currently has four S-400 regiments - two in the Moscow region, one in the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, and one in the Eastern Military District. By 2020, Russia is to have 28 S-400 regiments, each comprised of two battalions, mainly in maritime and border areas. The S-400 Triumf long- to medium-range surface-to-air missile system can effectively engage any aerial target, including aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise and ballistic missiles at up to 400 kilometers with an altitude of up to 30 kilometers.


Then again, maybe all this self promotion and back slapping is really an advertisement to those renegade Presidents out there who may have dire need for reliable weaponry and military hardware for extermination purposes.


In fact, as I write, news is coming through, that Zimbabwe is trying to work out a contra deal with Russia which may see the country being supplied with military helicopters and other hardware in exchange for platinum. Officials from the former superpower who were in the country in April, all but secured an inter-governmental agreement on stimulating investment and defence for Zimbabwe, under which a state corporation, Russian Technologies, would supply military helicopters in exchange for mineral rights to platinum deposits in Darwendale.


From all accounts, some of the players in these munitions deals, which certain journalists would like to refer to, as 'despotic' in some of their dealings, to wit, Assad, Mugabe, Putin, General Mowaffak Joumaa, head of Syria's National Olympic committee - to name a few of the usual suspects, will not be attending the Olympic games in London. And, it is certainly not because the over-priced hotels will be booked out - more so that many will be persona non grata.

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-Anne Hunt-  

Russia's subtle display of might and power

As President Obama left the scene of the Colorado theatre massacre after visiting the families of the slaughtered 12, I wonder how many gave thought to

the fact that almost exactly a year before, a similar

pointless mass killing took place thousands of miles away, and also committed by a man who appeared to have only an obscure psychotic logic as an excuse

for his murderous act.


Norwegians have marked the anniversary since right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik mowed down 77 people, at a poignant memorial ceremony on the island of Utoeya, where most of his mainly teenage victims fell.


'Let us honour the dead by celebrating life,' Prime  Minister Jens Stoltenberg said on Utoeya Island, where Breivik gunned down 69 people in a summer camp for members of the Labour Youth League.


Stoltenberg was speaking to about 1000 members of the league, the youth section of the party, several of whom were survivors of last year's massacre.


The audience bowed their heads as he spoke.


'Even now,'This makes all that has happened since then even more impressive.'


Earlier on Sunday, Stoltenberg said that despite the great suffering Breivik had caused, he 'failed to achieve what he set out to do. The people triumphed.'


But, this was not the case in Norway where getting such weaponry to 'Kill at Will' is subjected to very strict gun law controls.

Even though there are loopholes which were clearly exploited by the 'not-so-crazy' Breivik.


Every psychologist from Bangor-on-sea in the UK to very civilized Port Arthur in remote  Tasmania (where in 1996 a similar lone gunman by the name of Martin Bryant went on a killing spree killing 35 innocent people without much apparent motive) has a distinct theory on the mindset of such lone killers.


Many acknowledge, that in most cases these young men all appear to be loners and outwardly introverted and are merely seeking attention, notoriety or both.


The female equivalent - according to other experts - is the girl who repeatedly comes home with a baby by a different Father. A desperate attempt at rebelling, a plea for attention and support or, as in the UK's case where welfare cheques come rolling in, a sense of entitlement? At least in the female's case study, at the end of the day, the only person they truly affect by their actions is themselves.

      Anders Breivik

          James Holmes

-Anne Hunt-

A sense of entitlement can lead to a killing spree?

While the anti-gun lobbyists in the USA battle to have the second amendment overturned, citing that gun laws in America are outdated and the right to bear arms was drafted when the States was merely a colonial fledgling community with a need for such a law.

Attention seeking? Orange hair may suggest that, but he absolutely refuses to talk to Police. Scared of self incrimination? Definitely

has all of his faculties.

Attention seeking? More than happy to talk about his strange motives with anyone. More than likely

has all of his faculties,

albeit, twisted ones.



President Obama, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize only months after he was inaugurated but quickly became a war president, responsible for nearly 75 percent of U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, now is preparing to formally ask Congress to take the fight against ISIS worldwide.


That’s according to Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin, who said two senior congressional aides shared details with him.


Obama has been operating under authorizations created more than a decade ago when circumstances were vastly different and ISIS didn’t exist in the form that now threatens nations and beheads journalists and aide workers.


“The president has crafted the bill so it can engender bipartisan support on Capitol Hill while still preserving an enormous amount of flexibility on the battlefield without micromanagement from Congress, one senior Republican Senate aide said,” Rogin reported.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest said recently he believed it would “require substantial effort” to get through Congress, but “Obama is already engaged in the fight against Islamic State” and his political advisory team “genuinely wants congressional buy-in.”


Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at a time when critics pointed out he had virtually no accomplishments. Since then, polls have indicated 55 percent of Americans believe he does not deserve such recognition.


The request, Rogin reported, is being prepared under pressure from Capitol Hill.


Previously, the White House has cited a 2001 authorization regarding al-Qaida and another from 2002 regarding Iraq.


Rogin reported: “If enacted, the president’s AUMF could effectively constrain the next president from waging a ground war against the Islamic State group until at least 2018. Aides warned that the White House may tweak the final details before releasing the document publicly. In advance of the release, top White House and State Department officials have been briefing lawmakers and Congressional staffers about their proposed legislation. Two senior congressional aides relayed the details to me.”


The authorization would, the report said, allow Obama to send advisers, special operations forces and search and rescue teams.


Not only does Obama not deserve the global peace award now, but Americans also think that he never should have received it in the first place,” the Daily Caller said.


There even have been assorted demands for Obama to return the 2009 prize, but the rules set up by the Nobel Foundation forbid revocation.


CNS News reported last year that of the 2,232 American fatalities in the Afghan war, 1,663 – 74.5 percent – happened on Obama’s watch.


The report from Rogin addressed White House strategy to propose to Congress new legislation that would formally give him the authority to pursue war.


He noted one of the factors is that there are “no geographic limitations, so the administration would be free to expand the war to other countries.”


But Rogin reported it would place limits on the types and numbers of U.S. ground forces that can be deployed.

-Anne Hunt-


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