Tech · August 23, 2022

Purpose of eat-and-run verification

Eat-and-run verification is a process in which the product passes through a heating chamber, and its mass loss is measured as it exits the chamber. The purpose of eat-and-run verification is to ensure that passing the product through a chamber will not cause a significant difference in mass or size.

The method is often used in drug manufacturing, including solid and liquid products. This verification process can minimize weight change during the manufacturing process.

A definition of eat-and-run verification is “the process of using a chamber to melt or dehydrate a product, so the difference in mass can be measured before the melting or dehydration process.”

This method aims to ensure that the product will not pick up any foreign particles while 먹튀 through the cleaning chamber. This minimizes harmful effects on the drug, such as visible contamination and discoloration. This is helpful for the manufacturing and production of tablets, capsules, or other solid dosage forms. It is necessary to control mass loss and variability to ensure tablet weight accuracy.

Eat-and-run verification is generally conducted in a cleanroom of pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

Product processing is protected in the cleanroom while processing the product through a chamber protected by the cleanroom. This prevents other foreign particles from entering and keeps any particles from mixing into the product.

This process helps to ensure product quality before undergoing any form of processing or manufacturing.

The mass loss tests are performed by weighing the products as they exit each chamber. The purpose of this measurement is to compare them to their initial weight when placed into their initial packaging. The results may be recorded as an average loss for each lot and then used for record-keeping and statistical analysis tools, such as batch testing equipment.